Five reasons why wax melts make the perfect Christmas gift
Five reasons why wax melts make the perfect Christmas gift

Five reasons why wax melts make the perfect Christmas gift

Henry & Co Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas scented fragrances are brilliant at making your home smell festive and getting you in the Christmas spirit. If you are looking for Christmas gift inspiration, then you have come to the right place...

Discover our Best Festive Candle Collection 

Our festive candle collection makes the perfect Christmas gift, for someone you love or for your home. Created to bring the scents of the season into your space, here are our top 4 festive fragrances this Christmas:

White Christmas

Like snow on Christmas morning this fresh, crisp fragrance will delight the senses. With notes of fresh, green pine trees, decorated with aromatic dried oranges and cloves this classic Christmas fragrance will evoke strong memories of family time spent sat around the Christmas tree.

Spiced Citrus & Clove 

Welcome the scent of Christmas into your home with Spiced Citrus & Clove. This aromatic and spicy fragrance opens with bright citrus notes orange and lemon, followed by warming, rich notes of spiced cinnamon and clove. This fragrance really is the scent of the season.

Festive Cranberry 

A bright and sparkling fruit cocktail of tangy red cranberries, fresh citrus orange and dried apples blended with the warm and welcoming notes of musk and clove to get you into the party spirit. Festive Cranberry is a wonderful seasonal fragrance.


The fun and familiar aroma of warm and spicy gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar will evoke childhood memories of making gingerbread men and gingerbread houses with the family at Christmas. The perfect scent for spreading that festive feeling throughout your home! 

Five reasons why wax melts make the perfect Christmas gift 

Have you tried our best-selling wax melts yet? Allow us to unravel the scented secrets that make them Henry & Co Wax Melts an irresistible choice for gifting this Christmas.

Unparalleled Scent Throw

Imagine walking into a room filled with a lovely smell that instantly makes you feel cosy. Wax melts do just that. Unlike most candles, Henry & Co Wax Melts release a strong and long-lasting fragrance that lingers, making your space smell fantastic. They also spread their scents evenly, so your entire room smells amazing, and just like Christmas if you choose one of our festive fragrances.

Easy to Use and Change 

Henry & Co Wax melts are perfect for people who want a quick way to enjoy a wonderful fragrance. Using them is simple: put a wax melt in your wax burner, light the tealight, and let the wonderful smell fill your home. When you're done, just put out the tealight, and the wax will harden. You can reuse it or replace it with a new one easily.

Affordable Luxury

You don't have to spend a lot to make your home smell great. Wax melts are an affordable way to fill your living space with lovely scents that last a long time. One Henry & Co Fragrance wax melt can give you up to twelve hours of aromatic bliss, and our Gift Sets make the perfect Christmas gift - a luxury that won't break the bank. Why not try one of our Artisan Wax Melts?

The Sustainable Choice

If you are looking for Christmas gifts for the eco-conscious person in your life, then our Henry & Co Wax Melts are the perfect gift. We use a sustainably sourced mineral and soy wax for our melts. The mineral wax is a natural by-product (we give it a purpose) and our soy was is sustainably farmed.

Furthermore, our packaging is completely recyclable and compostable, made from glassine bags and card. So, you can rest assured, choosing Henry and Co Wax Melts is a sustainable, conscious choice this Christmas.

The Perfect Gift

With their fantastic scents, ease of use, affordability, and eco-friendliness, wax melts are perfect for any occasion. Show your loved ones that you care by giving them a gift that will make their home smell wonderful. Why not try explore our Wax Melt Warmers as well? 

Did you know that Reed Diffusers also make a wonderful gift? 

Reed diffusers are a wonderful way of filling your home with fragrance without heat or flames and for places in your home where you might not use candles or wax melts. They are easy to maintain and look beautiful as well. Our handmade reed diffusers are blended with high quality ingredients and fragrance oils and are available in a range of memorable fragrances. Each diffuser comes with 7 premium quality micro-fibre reeds to ensure an amazing fragrance diffusion in your home.

Take a look at some of our favourite festive reed diffusers for gifting inspiration this Christmas:


This Christmas, give the gift of Henry & Co home fragrance.