Henry & Co Fragrance at Chatsworth Christmas Market: A Scented Wonderl
Henry & Co Fragrance at Chatsworth Christmas Market: A Scented Wonderland

Henry & Co Fragrance at Chatsworth Christmas Market: A Scented Wonderland

As the festive season approaches, Chatsworth House is once again being transformed into The Palace of Advent, a magical wonderland filled with the sights, sounds, and scents of Christmas. The Henry & Co Fragrance team are excited to be exhibiting at the Chatsworth Christmas Market for the first time. This year, prepare to immerse yourself in the world of luxurious fragrances while revelling in the holiday spirit.

Chatsworth Christmas Market: A Winter Wonderland

Chatsworth House, nestled in the picturesque Derbyshire countryside, has always been synonymous with grandeur and elegance. During the Christmas season, it takes on a whole new level of enchantment. The Chatsworth Christmas Market, part of the Palace of Advent experience, offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore 24 beautifully decorated rooms, each filled with Christmas wonder.

As you stroll through these festively adorned rooms, you'll be transported into a winter wonderland, complete with archways adorned with candy canes, handmade Christmas stockings, and mistletoe. The atmosphere is nothing short of magical, with the scent of holiday spices and evergreens filling the air.

Henry & Co Fragrance at Chatsworth: Discover Our Best-Selling Festive Home Fragrances

The Henry & Co Fragrance team will be inviting visitors to start their fragrance journey with us. We have so much for you to discover from our quality, handcrafted, highly fragranced collection. You'll discover an array of beautifully crafted fragrances, including our new Christmas Collection, designed to evoke the spirit of Christmas through fragrance.

As you peruse the scents on display, you'll find yourself transported to scenes of cozy fireside gatherings, snowy winter landscapes, and festive holiday feasts. Henry & Co Fragrance captures the essence of the season, allowing you to take a piece of Christmas home with you in the form of our luxurious scents and gift sets.

Here are some of our festive fragrances for you to discover this week at Chatsworth Christmas Market:


Fill your home with the scents of the season with the brand-new Henry & Co Home Fragrance wax melt gift set. Including 8 wax melts in our best-selling festive fragrances: Gingerbread, White Christmas, Spiced Citrus & Clove and Festive Cranberry.


A bright and sparkling fruit cocktail of tangy red cranberries, fresh citrus orange and dried apples blended with the warm and welcoming notes of musk and clove to get you into the party spirit.


Welcome the scent of Christmas into your home with Spiced Citrus & Clove. This aromatic and spicy fragrance opens with bright citrus notes orange and lemon, followed by warming, rich notes of spiced cinnamon and clove. This fragrance really is the scent of the season.


Like snow on Christmas morning this fresh, crisp fragrance will delight the senses. With notes of fresh, green pine trees, decorated with aromatic dried oranges and cloves this classic Christmas fragrance will evoke strong memories of family time spent sat around the Christmas tree.


The fun and familiar aroma of warm and spicy gingerbread rich with nutmeg, cinnamon and brown sugar will evoke childhood memories of making gingerbread men and gingerbread houses with the family at Christmas. The perfect scent for spreading that festive feeling throughout your home! 

Take a look at all of our best-selling festive home fragrance products here: https://www.henryandcofragrance.co.uk/collections/christmas-wax-melts-uk

If you are heading to Chatsworth, then here is a run-down of the other activities you can enjoy...

Father Christmas' Workshop: A Hive of Activity

While at Chatsworth, be sure to visit Father Christmas' workshop, a hive of activity where preparations are underway for the all-important Christmas Eve deliveries. Keep your eyes peeled for Father Christmas' mischievous little helpers, who may be spotted causing playful havoc around the house while he's away.

Chatsworth's 'Host of Advent': A Jovial Welcome

On your arrival at Chatsworth, you'll be greeted by the 'Host of Advent,' a gregarious character with a fondness for fun and mince pies. This warm welcome sets the tone for a joyful and festive experience at Chatsworth House.

Wish Trees and Giant Christmas Pudding Pot

Make a Christmas wish and hang it on the special Wish Trees, and don't miss the opportunity to stir the giant Christmas pudding pot—a perfect backdrop for memorable holiday photos with friends and family.

Artistic Delights and Festive Displays

As you explore Chatsworth House and its grounds, you'll encounter art and festive displays featuring items from the Devonshire Collections, including stunning ecclesiastical paintings by renowned artists like Luca Giordano, Salvator Rosa, and Paolo Veronese. Additionally, British artists, including fine artist Bethan Maddocks and digital artist Leavon Archer, have been commissioned to create new works that add a contemporary touch to the Christmas experience.

Garden and Farmyard Delights

The celebration extends beyond the house and into the garden, where an interactive light and sound trail takes you past the Cascade, Rock Garden, and Maze, culminating in a breathtaking animated light show that transforms the house into a giant advent calendar. Be sure to wrap up warmly and indulge in festive food and drink as you explore this outdoor wonderland.

The Chatsworth Christmas Market and its Palace of Advent have once again captured the magic of the holiday season, offering a delightful blend of tradition, art, entertainment, and, of course, our quality Henry & Co fragrances Henry & Co. This year, let your senses be enchanted by the scents of Christmas as you immerse yourself in this extraordinary festive experience at Chatsworth House. It's the perfect way to create cherished memories and celebrate the holiday season in style.

Find us at Chatsworth Christmas Market on stall 143.