How long do wax melts last? How to use yours
Raspberry scented wax melt

How often should you use wax melts, and how long do they last?

Used correctly, wax melts are a fantastic and fragrant addition to any home, but it's also important to know how to use them!

Our little bundles of joy and fragrance (that's what we call our hand-made soy blend wax melts) are designed to give you and your home little burst of fabulous fragrance. 

Henry & Co Wax Melt Fragrance - Christmas Festive Cranberry

 How often should I use a wax melt?

Ultimately, it's completely up to you how often you use them, as its personal taste. We would recommend you uses two on the first occasion, so you can gage how strong the fragrance is, according to your personal taste. 

Afterwards, you can use as many or as few wax melts as you wish!

Perhaps you're still deciding? Why not try our Wax Melt Discovery pack? Our specially curated gift set will allow you to sample all of our fabulous scents and pick your favourite (or two).

Get up to 120 hours of beautiful, long lasting fragrance for your home with the Henry & Co Wax Melt Discovery Pack.

Enjoy a single cube of each fragrance, all individually packaged in a glassine bag and a wax melt burning tips card.

How long do wax melts last?

Again, this will largely depend upon how many you burn at any one time, but you will see wax melts last up to 6 hours per melt, using a single tea light underneath your wax Melter. Our premium wax melts will last even longer, at 9 hours per cube.

 Made from a perfectly balanced blend of natural soy wax, mineral wax and fragrance oil all put together and poured by hand in our Yorkshire workshop. 

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