Perfect Fragrances for Bonfire Night
Perfect Fragrances for Bonfire Night

Perfect Fragrances for Bonfire Night

Best Bonfire Night Home Fragrances

Bonfire Night is here once again, and you've experienced the exhilaration of the blazing fires, the crackling sounds, and the smoky air. Now, it's time to head back home and unwind. But what scents can help you relax and create the perfect ambiance for post-Bonfire Night tranquillity? Whether you're planning a cosy night in by yourself or hosting a post-bonfire party for friends and family, there are plenty of ways to set the mood and rejuvenate your senses. Take a look at our Autumnal home fragrance recommendations that are perfect for your post-Bonfire relaxation...

Candles that Celebrate the Outdoors

While the smoky aroma of a bonfire can be enticing outdoors, it's not necessarily the ideal fragrance for your home. That doesn’t mean to say, however, that you can’t look for a fragrance for your home that really celebrates the outdoors. Our Woodland Retreat fragrance is a rich, earthy scent combining notes of Sandalwood, amber and patchouli with the fresh, bright notes of bergamot and orange. This is a perfect autumnal home fragrance, that works wonders as the nights draw in, as symbolised by bonfire night.

Be Bold with Home Fragrance

This is the time of year to really go bold with your fragrance choices, and as the clocks go back and the bonfires burn, a perfect fragrance to explore is After Dark. This seductive, more masculine fragrance combines fresh notes of mandarin and bergamot with the musky, heady scents of amber and patchouli with a delicate touch of lavender. It is unique and bold fragrance, that will uplift your space during these dark, cosy evenings.

Autumn Scents for Your Home

At Henry & Co, we are passionate about fragrance, and we love this time of year. We have a number of scents that are perfect for cosy evenings at home as the nights draw in. One of our favourite Autumn home fragrances is Black Plum & Rhubarb, which is a beautiful and warming fragrance, perfect for this post-Bonfire Night time of year. The beautiful fruity fragrance of black plum & rhubarb combines notes of juicy black plums and fresh picked rhubarb with the sweet scent of peach and tart blackberries.

As you settle in after Bonfire Night, let Henry & Co fragrances transport you to a world of relaxation, warmth, and tranquillity.

Will you choose Autumnal fragrances to uplift your home this month?