Wax Melts - Are they safe for the home and our pets?
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Wax melts - Are they safe for the home and pets?

Wax Melts: Safer Than Candles and Incense

People want to know that their wax melts are safe. After all, they are bringing it into their home where their loved ones live. The good news is that they are much safer than other choices.

Wax melts are a great alternative to candles and incense. They provide a wide range of fragrances and are easy to use, making them a perfect option to add pleasant aromas to your home. And because they are safer, they give you peace of mind, too!

How are wax melts safer?

Wax melts are generally much safer than for example, incense. And it all comes down to the design of the melt warmer.

Melt warmers hold and heat your wax melt — so they are the key to safety.

Melt warmers come in two different styles:

  • Electric: These are extremely easy to use. You simply plug it in and place your wax melt in the tray on top. The bulb inside the melt warmer will gradually work its magic and release the aroma of the wax. At the same time, the light from the bulb gives a charming aura to the room.
  • Ceramic: Ceramic melt warmers are similar in shape to electric ones, but instead of using a light bulb to heat, they use a tealight candle. We recommend using a four hour tealight. That way you can really heat up your wax melt for at least two hours at a time.

Whichever style you prefer, you can find both in our melt warmer selection!

Many users find that wax melts are safer than candles, especially if you use electric melt warmers. When you do that, you have many added benefits, including:

  • Totally flame-free, reducing risk of fire
  • No burning wick, which means no smoke at all

Even when you use candle-based ceramic wax melts, you have a few benefits over a traditional candle. The ceramic housing greatly reduces the risk of fire. It also prevents children and pets from touching the flame. For an added bonus, they are fueled using tealights, which have a lot less waste than most store bought candles that come in massive glass containers.

(If you would like to know more about wax melts and melt warmers, read this post!)

Henry & Co Wax Melt - Woodland Retreat Scented
Henry & Co Woodland Retreat Wax Melts

Are wax melts safe for pets?

Wax melts are safe for pets, particularly when you buy from Henry & Co.

The most important thing to remember with our wax melts, is to understand the distinction between Fragrance oils vs Essentials oils (these can be harmful to little ones).

At Henry & Co, we use fragrance oil, that is completely safe to use around pets/ young children. It is essential oils that can cause harm to pets etc (especially dogs and cats)

That is why it is important to buy your wax melts from a trusted source like Henry & Co.

And because melt warmers are either entirely flame-free or provide some housing around the flame, it's less risk for a little one!

Electric melt warmers present a much lower risk for frisky felines, and the ceramic housing on tealight warmers adds a layer of protection other candles simply don’t have.

But like dogs, cats can also become irritated by low quality materials in the manufacturing process. So make sure to get handmade, trusted wax melts from Henry & Co!

Are wax melts safe for children?

If you have a curious toddler, you are probably worried about the safety of wax melts. But compared to incense, for example, they are far superior. As we’ve mentioned above, electric melt warmers have no flame — making them the best option if you have a little one at home.

 While they are safer, there are still precautions to take if you want to completely eliminate risk of injury. The most important consideration is keeping melt warmers out of children's reach.

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Are wax melts safe for the environment?

Fortunately for you, we use a sustainably sourced wax. We use a Mineral and soy wax for our melts, mineral wax is a natural by-product (we give it a purpose) and our soy was is sustainably farmed. 


Furthermore, our packaging is completely recyclable and compostable made from glassine bags and card. So, you can rest assured, choosing Henry and Co Wax Melts is a sustainable conscious choice!