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The Henry & Co Story

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Thank you for stopping by and reading our story. We hope you enjoy and love our products just as much as we do. We love to share our story and passion for our business and brand, so if you’d like to learn how Henry & Co was created, and why we have launched the Henry & Co Home Fragrance range please read on…

Henry & Co was born from a family with a love of retail, our desire to reinvigorate the high street, and to create a brand that will engage customers and inspire the next generation of independent stores. As we all know 2020 was a year like no other. The impact on every member of society and every business has been unparalleled. Life has changed  in ways that no one could have thought possible.

As a family we were at home with three young children: Henry, Lucy, & Alice. Home schooling was challenging, we were baking in abundance, and movie time, & creating family shows became the norm! We discovered skills we never knew our children had, unearthing their fun, quirky ways, and their kindness and compassion for others. Simultaneously, as parents we were looking at how we protect our family from the current situation and ensure that there was hope and reassurance that times will get better. For our family it brought about a level of closeness that we couldn’t have imagined, we were able to realign our lives and rediscover that the little things in life made us happy. Being able to create memories together and show the children that having resilience through tough times is a great skill to have.

Whilst protecting our family was priority, we are also business owners and the situation uncovered so many feelings: What does the future hold?  How do we keep the business alive and support not only our family, but the amazing store teams who have consistently supported our business over the years?

Teaming the enthusiasm and compassion of our children, with a desire to rebuild our business seemed logical. Henry had already shown his creative flare with a passion for cooking, and entrepreneurial skills over the summer; opening an outdoor pop-up store (on our driveway) so that his friends could safely buy Father’s Day cards and gifts. The girls: Lucy & Alice, had talked at length about daddy’s shops and set up their own store selling pictures to family members for 5p each. 

And so… just like that Henry & Co was born. Our new venture, a concept store to nurture as a whole family and create a brand and shopping experience that delivers now and for years to come.  At the forefront of our thinking is the essence of inspiring special moments, just like the ones that we had unknowingly created during lockdown. 

The Henry & Co stores in Nottingham, Ormskirk, and Bridgenorth were back open and busy, who knew there would be subsequent lockdowns and our retail stores would once again close their doors!  We got it, we understood, but at the same time needed a focus during the down time. With lockdown 2021 in full swing, we looked at how we could refocus the brand, which categories would have relevance and what do we as a family have a passion for? We have always dreamt of having our own branded range of products that we can develop from scratch and create products that deliver an amazing experience.  In our stores we’ve sold home fragrances for many years, we love it! We all have a favourite and yet still love to try something new and so with the help and excellent skills of our team we decided to bring our dream to life.

As a small, but perfectly formed team we’ve worked tirelessly during lockdown to create the Henry & Co Home Fragrance range. One that we can be proud of; delivers on all levels, looks good, evokes happy memories, and most importantly delivers the most amazing home fragrance experience for our customers. 

Just like our stores, the Henry & Co brand focusses on inspiring special moments in our customer’s lives, having a wax melt, candle, or diffuser that when you close your eyes reminds you of a special moment in time, a special place, or special person is great for our body, mind, and spirit. We all have our favourite aromas that evoke that emotive state and that’s exactly what we’ve tried to achieve with the range. A mix of familiar favourites: red raspberry or fresh linen and the more emotive fragrances such as: coconut island (smells just like a beach holiday), soft spun sugar (smells like a day at the fair), woodland retreat (smells just like a walk in the woods).

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Thank you for taking the time to read our story and to try our products, we hope you love having them in your home.

Team Henry & Co (Mark, Katy, Henry, Lucy, & Alice)

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