Aroma Oils

Luxurious aroma oils, expertly blended by hand by our fragrance specialists, using only the highest quality perfume ingredients blended into a natural base. Fill your home with a wonderful, long lasting fragrance by adding a Henry & Co aroma oil to your electric mist diffuser or combine in the top of your oil burner with water or coconut oil for hours of beautiful fragrance. Available in our best selling fragrances to fill your home with the amazing aroma of Henry & Co Home Fragrance.

  1. henry and co home fragrance aroma oil white christmas
  1. henry and co home fragrance aroma oil lavender and chamomile
  1. Rose, Jasmine & Ylang Ylang Aroma Oil
  1. Woodland Retreat Aroma Oil
  1. Red Raspberry Aroma Oil
  1. Henry and co fragrance aroma oil black plum and rhubarb
  1. Fresh Linen Aroma Oil