What are diffusers? How to use them
Henry & Co Reed Diffuser

What are diffusers? How to make the most from them

So, what is a reed diffuser?

A Diffuser is a natural, energy-efficient way of filling your home with great fragrance. Strong scents are contained in a glass container (the base) and micro-fibre reeds are placed inside the glass container. As the micro-fibre reeds absorb the scent in the base, the liquid travels up the reed and as the liquid evaporates into the room, your home is filled with a great smelling scent naturally, and gradually. 

Reed Diffuser Example

How do I use my diffuser? 

Diffusers are very simple to use. Simply empty your Reed Diffuser from Henry & Co out of the lovingly packaged box, and follow the below instructions:

  1. Unscrew the metal cap
  2. Take of the white plastic cap of the base liquid
  3. unpack your micro-fibre reeds
  4. Place the tightly held reeds into the glass container and ensure the liquid is touching the bottom of the reeds. The more reeds you use, the stronger the scent. Use fewer reeds if you want a more delicate, longer-lasting fragrance.
  5. Place the metal cap over the reeds and screw back on to the top of the glass container
  6. Place your diffuser in your desired location (we recommend a large room that is well ventilated)
  7. Every few weeks switch around your reeds for a room scent boost!

Is a diffuser energy efficient?

Yes! As a diffuser requires no electricity or heat source at all, it is very energy efficient. All the diffuser needs is a well-ventilated room.

How long should my diffuser last me?

Our 100ml handmade Reed Diffusers last between 6-12 weeks, depending on how many reeds you use and where you place the diffuser in your home.

How are your diffusers made?

Our handmade reed diffusers are blended with high quality ingredients and fragrance oils and are available in a range of memorable fragrances. Each diffuser comes with 7 premium quality micro-fibre reeds to ensure an amazing fragrance diffusion in your home.

Is a diffuser a good gift?

Absolutely! A diffuser is a subtle and gentle fragrance that can make anyone's home smell great for up to 3 months. At Henry & Co we've gone a step further, so you can gift a diffuser to someone with our Diffuser Gift Set!

Diffuser Gift Set wrapped in box

I like my diffuser, can I just order a refill?

Definitely - diffusers can be kept for a very long time, if you choose to refill your glass container and replace your micro-fibre diffuser reeds.
Alternatively, you can replace your Diffuser Micro-fibre Reeds here.

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